Submission Guidelines

Submission Timeline

  • Submission Portal Opens: November 15, 2021
  • Submission Portal Closes: February 26, 2022 (12 am PST)
    • Poster Submissions are open through April 16, 2022 (12 am PST)
  • Submission Review: End of February 2022
  • Submission Decision Date: March, 2022

Note: Authors whose submissions are accepted for presentation at QMC22 will be required to register for the conference and are expected to attend in a face-to-face manner dependent upon the status of the COVID-19 pandemic . 

Poster Submission Deadline has been extended to Saturday, April 16, 2022 (12am PST)!

Submission Content & Topic

The overarching requirement for any submission is that the content must focus on quantitative research issues.

Examples for appropriate submissions may include the following: traditional or innovative quantitative studies; innovative conceptual frame(s) for quantitative approaches; critiques of statistics, research designs, or interpretations of statistics, including controversial findings; new quantitative guidelines or best practices; social policy issues, such as the use of AI; best practices for quantitative research education; and approaches to capacity building in a variety of contexts and fields.

Submission should be written and presented to best reflect one of the four key themes of the QMC22 Conference.

The above list of topics is non-exhaustive, and additional questions on acceptable submission topics can be sent to

Submission Types

  1. Symposium: A session with three to four speakers organized around a common theme, with a focus on both providing and integrating diverse perspectives into a meaningful discussion. Each talk will be a 12 to 15-minute presentation of a completed research paper, report, or project. This set of papers must be submitted as a single application by a chair through the submission link, and will be scheduled for 60-minute time slots during the QMC22 Conference. Time should be allocated at the end of each symposium session for attendee Q&A.
  1. Individual Paper: An individual paper on any conference topic, which will be assigned by the conference committee to a session of three to four papers reflecting a common theme. Each talk will be a 12 to 15-minute presentation of a completed research paper, report, or project. The authors should submit an individual paper presentation through the submission link. A chair will be assigned to facilitate discussion, and will be scheduled for 60-minute time slots during the QMC22 Conference. Time will be allocated at the end of each session for attendee Q&A.
  1. Flash Talks: An individual paper of a brief duration that involves 6–8 presentations focused on a common topic held during a 60-minute period. Each talk will be a 5 to 7-minute presentation of a completed research paper, report, or project. A chair will be assigned to facilitate discussion. Time will be allocated at the end of each session for attendee Q&A. The authors should submit a single flash talk through the submission link.
  1. Panel Discussion: A focused discussion session on a common issue which includes a facilitator and three to four panelists. The facilitator will lead a guided discussion on a particular topic on which panelists will be able to respond. Time will be allocated at the end of this session for attendee Q&A.
  1. Poster Presentation: Presentation of data on a poster that may facilitate substantive discussions with interested colleagues. Posters traditionally include illustrative materials such as graphs, tables, photographs, and figures. Large font (primary text of 20 point or larger; headings at 30 point or larger) should be used to allow for readability. Posters will be assigned a session and board number during the QMC22 Conference, and push pins will be provided for posters presented in-person.
    1. Standard research posters contain information on a completed research paper, report, or project.
    2. Research proposal posters provide an opportunity for presenters to propose a study design with potential data collection and findings discussed.
  1. Roundtable Discussion: An informal discussion held between 4–10 attendees during a 60-minute session. The presenters (maximum of 3) will set the focus and pace of the discussion, such as stimulating dialogue or soliciting feedback.

Audiences will be able to access all presentations digitally through our online vendor platform and ask questions of authors during designated sessions.

Submission Requirements

Authors wishing to submit to any of the four themes for the QMC22 Conference are expected to submit a Title Page and Abstract as a single document. The Title Page should include a title (15 words maximum) of the presentation, names of the authors, and affiliations. The Abstract (minimum 200 words, up to 300 words) should describe the content that will be presented. Please have no identifying information in the abstract for review purposes.

All research paper submissions using quantitative data should clearly state whether data collection has been completed or not. We ask that authors submit only one first-authored presentation for this conference.

Submissions will be completed through a Qualtrics form by clicking the link below. The submission process will require the following information:

  1. Authors’ names, affiliations, and status
  2. Primary type of submission, preference for secondary type of submission if first type of submission is not accepted, and selection of theme the submission falls under
  3. The required documents must be in PDF format and must be uploaded for submission

Submit to QMC22

The submission window for the QMC22 has now closed. Please direct any questions you may have regarding submissions to or to our Contact Us page.